Building a capable testing enterprise require all elements of Process, Technology, People and Governance to work not only in a synergy but to do better than the competition. The elements need continuous improvement internally and an equal awareness of best practices in the outside world. The intention is to always build a “Competitive Advantage”, that happens with not one element but all elements working together.

Given the current business scenario and strive to improve, QAI supports in understanding the current state and the future state of the organization, existing gaps and how the same can be improved upon. The objective is to enhance productivity, quality, improve capability and hence reduce the overall cost of all software engineering activities. We enable the improvement through collective experience, knowledge and expertise of the consultants and through collaborative industry practices.

Executing software projects successfully and building high–quality products requires software professionals to understand the unique characteristics of software and the approach used for engineering and demonstrating quality. This requires a well–defined process to build and validate the software. Over the last decade, however, testing and related disciplines have grown as a competency and still continue to grow in multiple dimensions.  Emerging Technology Platforms, increasing complexity, highly demanding customers, and complex skills entails that test organizations are no longer those ‘anyone can do’ models.

Given these developments, QAI enables and helps organizations witih strategic consulting interventions focusing on the following

Apart from these the QAI team integrates offerings to match client specific requirements, to bring the best value addition, appropriate to each engagement through :

  • Competency building through training workshops, elearning, learning and development paths, and finishing school programs
  • Knowledge sharing forum for different organizations and individuals through seminars, conferences, and social networking sites for the software testing community
  • Certification programs
  • Assurance and assessment of organization process maturity