QAI partners with IBM to deliver ‘Disciplined Agile Delivery’ Courses

Disciplined agile delivery is an evolutionary (iterative and incremental) approach which regularly produces high quality solutions in a cost effective and timely manner via a risk and value driven life cycle. It is performed in a highly collaborative, disciplined, and self-organizing manner within an appropriate governance framework, with active stakeholder participation to ensure that the team understands and addresses the changing needs of its stakeholders to maximize business value provided. Disciplined agile delivery teams provide repeatable results by adopting just the right amount of ceremony for the situation which they face.

QAI has partnered with IBM to deliver the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) courses. QAI is the ONLY Authorized Training Partner in India to deliver DAD Trainings. These courses have been developed by IBM and are targeted towards Developers, Project Managers, Testers, Quality Analysts and Program Managers.