QAI partners with HDI to provide HDI Support Center Certifications in India

HDI Support Center Certification is an award that recognizes a support center’s commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality based on the HDI Support Center Standard. The certification program conforms to existing international quality standards such as the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Adopting the best practices identified in the HDI Support Center Standard can help to:

  • Align support services with the business’s needs;
  • Improve customer productivity and satisfaction;
  • Enhance support staff efficiency and effectiveness; and
  • Reduce the cost per incident

QAI-HDI offers a suite of services that provide varying degrees of assistance to support center leaders who want to find out how their operations measure up to the HDI Support Center Standard.

  • Engage QAI-HDI to perform an HDI Support Center Assisted Evaluation for a deeper understanding of the standard and an accurate assessment of your support center’s current state.
  • Engage QAI-HDI to conduct an HDI Support Center Best Practices Assessment to get a gap analysis and expert recommendations for moving forward.
  • Apply for HDI Support Center Certification to achieve the ultimate recognition for your support center’s commitment to excellence