PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Course
PDUs awarded: 35

About PRINCE2®

One of the most highly regarded Qualification and Certification, PRINCE2®, (PRojects IN a Controlled Environment), is a structured Project management method covering the Organisation, management and control of Projects. PRINCE2® is widely used in both the public and private sectors and has become the UK’s de facto standard for generic project management and also is increasingly being adopted all around the world.

PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for Project Management, providing an easily tailored and scaleable method for the management of various types of Projects. In June 2009, the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) officially launched a refreshed version of PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2 ® 2009 courses are presented by QAI, the a leading global consulting and workforce development organization addressing ‘Operational Excellence’ .

QAI has been assessed as the first Accredited Training Organization (ATO), based out of India, granted by APM Group, UK, after a rigorous evaluation and assessment.

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trademark of the AXELOS. Limited

What’s New in the New Version of PRINCE2®?

  • Clarification of the 7 Principles of PRINCE2 Project Management.
  • The 8 Components have been changed to 7 Themes.
  • Now 7 Processes – Each process contains Activities.
  • The 3 Techniques have merged into the respective themes.
  • The 36 Management Products have shrunk to 27.
  • New section on Tailoring PRINCE2, and embedding

Benefits of the new 2009 Edition

  • New emphasis on Project management using the 7 Principles of PRINCE2:- not simply working on completion of template documents.
  • It reflects and integrates with other OGC Best Practice products (MoR® (Management of Risk), MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) and ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library)
  • It has taken account of user feedback to make the language less “jargonistic”.
  • More guidance to support flexible implementation of PRINCE2®. Much more useful Tailoring information.
  • More consideration to application to varying project types and environments.
  • Stronger emphasis on achieving benefits and using lessons from best practice experience, with this method.

Foundation and Practitioner Course

There are two levels to the qualification:

The Foundation Level is the first qualification that is required to become a PRINCE2® Practitioner. This level is aiming to measure whether a candidate could act as an informed member of a project management team on a Project using the PRINCE2® method, within an environment supporting PRINCE2®. To this end they need to show they understand the principles and terminology of the method.

The Foundation Exam Format is an hour of multiple choice questions (Closed book). 35 out of 70 correct answers are required to pass.

The Practitioner Level Candidates must pass the Foundation exam before proceeding to the Practitioner level. The Practitioner Level aims to measure whether the candidate is able to apply PRINCE2® methods to the running and managing of a Project. They need to show that they are able to finetune PRINCE2® to different project circumstances and understand the relationship between processes, components and techniques.

The Practitioner Exam is a “Scenario based” examination lasting Two and Half hours. This is an open – book format and the minimum pass mark is now 55%.

It is possible to take the Foundation Level Certificate Examination only.

Course duration

Foundation and Practitioner Courses – including the respective Examinations – run for 5 full days.

Who can attend

Any Project Management practitioner , seeking to familiarize themselves with a widely adopted Global methodology and get Certified in this Methodology.

Course Material

Courseware includes

  • Precourse Reading Material
  • Extensive Coverage of Various Principles, Themes and Processes
  • Foundation level practice questions after major Sections
  • Two full fledged Mock Foundation Tests and discussion of the responses
  • Focused Coverage additionally required for Practitioner examination
  • Three Full fledged Practitioner level Tests and discussion of responses
  • Compact size workshops to have Individual level focus

The Foundation examination usually takes place on Third day of the Training and the Practitioner exam is administered on the Fifth day Afternoon.

The broad daywise syllabus includes the following:

Day 1

Module/ Topics

1. Overview Introduction and Quiz1
2. Principles and Quiz 2
3. Introduction to PRINCE2 Themes
4. Business Case and Quiz 4
5.Organisation and Quiz 5
6.Quality and Quiz 6
7. Plans and Quiz 7
8. Risk and Quiz 8


9. Change and Quiz 9
10. Progress and Quiz 10
11. Introduction to Processes
12. Starting up a Project and Quiz 12
13.Directing a Project and Quiz 13
14. Initiating a Project and Quiz 14

Day 3

15. Controlling a Stage and Quiz 15
16. Managing Product Delivery and Quiz 16
17. Managing a Stage Boundary and Quiz 17
18. Closing a Project and Quiz 18
Foundation Sample Paper 1 and discussions
Foundation Sample Paper 2 and discussions


19. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project environment
Revision of PRINCE2 Concepts (for Practitioner exam)-incl. Product based Planning
Sample Practitioner exam 1 – Full (with discussions)
Sample Practitioner exam 2 – Full (with discussions)


Sample Practitioner exam 3 – Full (with discussions)
Discussions / Responding to Queries from Participants
Feedback and Valedictory

Note: Within the above syllabus, the daywise split of topics could vary to give the best learning experience for the Participants.

The quoted Price Includes:

  • Course attendance/Discussions
  • Course materials and practice exercises for Foundation & Practitioner examinations
  • Examination fees
  • Lunch and refreshments

Benefits of Attending

Following the course, delegates will be able to organise, plan and control Projects quickly and effectively in accordance with the PRINCE2® Methodology.