Mining the Innovation Portfolio Workshop
(A Two Days Workshop)

This 2-day interactive workshop features emerging strategies, tools and techniques from some of the foremost thinkers in innovation today. These leaders know how to enable the right people, employ the right tools and identify the right projects to drive a successful innovation initiative that will contribute to any organization’s growth and long-term success.

Key Benefit:

  • Successfully develop and deploy organization wide innovation strategy.
  • Lead a comprehensive all encompassing innovation program that enables your organization to achieve exponential growth.
  • Learn and deploy the methodology to identify parameters that drive market behavior to develop breakthrough, Disruptive, Incremental growth strategies for your organization.
  • Learn and deploy systematic methods for innovation portfolio creation and execution.

Day-1 Session

  • Different Strategies for Growth
  • Introduction to Critical Parameter of Value
  • Methods to identify Critical parameter of value

Day-2 Session

  • Methods of analysis of Critical Parameter of Value
  • Portfolio planning based on Critical Parameter of Value
  • Developing Innovation score card