What is CMMI® High Maturity

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements for effective process improvement. It can be used to guide process improvement across project, function, division, or entire organization.


“The processes and tools used at Maturity Levels 4 and 5 are known as High Maturity Practices”

Why Should Your Organization Implement HM?

At CMMI maturity level 4, organisation and project objectives for quality and process performance are expressed quantitatively. At CMMI maturity level 5 organisations are able to react in a disciplined manner to change. So through a high maturity life the organizations could be able to understand the past, control the present and predict the future in a better way.

Thus the key benefits that an organization derives from implementing HM are:

  • Clearly defined Business Objectives and a better visibility of Key performance indicators
  • Processes are optimized and aligned with the Business objectives of the organization
  • A culture of continuous improvement is institutionalized in the organization .
  • Statistical tools and techniques are used to measure variances in process performance and to minimize them.


QAI’s High Maturity Implementation approach is a multi-faceted approach that combines proven tech-niques and practical approach. This ensures that the implementation is a reflection of need of the organi-zation and also enables the meeting of the requirements of the chosen best practices framework.

We believe that “Success in HM requires the alignment of business & HM practices

QAI’s High Maturity Implementation approach combines rigorous statistical techniques with advanced project management principles to develop a proactive system for managing projects and implementing change in the organization.

To enable an organization meeting this challenge QAI has a structured process improvement methodology supported with advisory and implementation supporting support along with a comprehensive suite of specific High Maturity trainings.

QAI’s High Maturity Engagement Model


Critical Enablers


On site implementation support by QAI In-house consultant (QPO Services)

QAI provides SME / Consultants to be deputed at the client site on a full-time basis in order to provide hands-on execution and implementation support to the organization in formalizing the processes and helping in implementation on a long term hand-holding and for enabling knowledge and skill transfer. These services/ engagement duration typically range between 2 months to 1 year and even more, as per Organization needs and requirements.

QAI provides such full-time on-site quality and process consultants for High Maturity Assignments at Clients place to help with the intricate needs of high maturity PAs. Some indicative examples of scope of work and deliverables of such High Maturity support interventions for the consultant are as follows:

  • Study and Understand business objectives and current high maturity practices
  • Assess the current measurement system
  • Creation of Process Performance Models
  • Enhancement of Process Performance Baselines
  • Creation of Process Performance Models aligned with the requirements of CMMI 1.3 High Maturity and the business context and goals of the Organizations
  • Enhancement of the Process Performance Baselines
  • Exhibit usage of Models for CAR and OID
  • Enhance lifecycles of OID/CAR to satisfy high maturity expectations.
  • Exhibit usage of statistical test required for CAR and OID
  • Train Process Management group on usage and recalibration of models
  • Re-vamp M&A and Metrics program of the Organization to meet adequacy and sustenance of HM practices and requirements
  • Facilitate pilot implementations for the initial stages

HM Sustenance Measures(Post Journey)

  • Advisory Consultancy for Select PA specific Capability Enhancement and Enterprise wide soak-in effect in order to harness higher business value and impact for Delivery units & project groups
  • Conduct OFF-SITE PCB & PPM Analysis, Metrics Reviews, Trends Analysis, Root Cause Analysis and provide valuable inputs for continuous process improvement.
  • Conduct ON-SITE Bi-Annual or Quarterly HM Process Sustenance Health Check Audit for Feedback on Organizational Performance Baselines & Opportunities for Improvements
  • Conduct ON-SITE Annual or Bi-Annual Overall CMMI® HM Process Compliance Internal Audit
  • Conduct IN-HOUSE Custom made Training Programs and Workshops for HM sustenance

QAI HM Training Offerings

S. NoHigh Maturity PA Trainings/ WorkshopsTrainerDuration
1Executive Briefing and Sensitization workshop on CMMI HM Concepts for Senior Management & Leadership TeamHMLA1-Day
2CMMI-DEV v1.2 HM Awareness program on Project Level Expectations and Interpretations
(for Delivery Groups & Project/ Program Managers)
3Demystifying CMMI-DEV HM Training Program
(An Integrated Process Workshop covering QPM, OPP, CAR, OID PAs – also SPC & DP areas)
4Advanced Training Program on CMMI-DEV HM Processes for Core Process Groups
(An Integrated Process Workshop covering QPM, OPP, CAR, OID PAs – also SPC & DP areas)
5Quantitative Project & Process ManagementSME2-Days
6Statistical Techniques for Software Process Management
(also called Statistical Process Control – SPC)
7Advance Project Management using HM Concepts and TechniquesSME2-Days
8Technology & Process Change Management
(OID + OPP Coverage)
9Defect Prevention and CAR Integrated WorkshopSME1-Day
10Monte Carlo Process Simulation using Crystal BallSME1-Day

For more information write to us as customer_relations@qaiglobal.com

QAI HM Conferences

QAI’s International Colloquium on High Maturity Best Practices aims to brings together practitioners and thought leaders from the Industry, Academia and/or Government, for sharing and exchanging ideas and learning in the area of CMMI® High Maturity.

hmbp_logo20134th International Colloquium on High Maturity Best Practices 2013
September 06, 2013
hmbp_logo20122nd International Colloquium on High Maturity Best Practices 2011
September 07, 2012
hmbp2011_logo 2nd International Colloquium on High Maturity Best Practices 2011
August 26, 2011
hmbp_logo1st International Colloquium on High Maturity Best Practices 2010
May 2010