The focus of IT management has been changing for some time and in the future, management will be even less focused on technology and more integrated with the overall needs of the business management and processes.

In essence, management systems will become:

  • More focused on business needs
  • More closely aligned to business processes
  • Less dependent on specific technology and more “service centric”
  • More integrated with other management tools and processes, as the management standards evolve

QAI provides facilitation, guidance and support for organization-wide deployment of ITIL® ‘Best Practices. ‘ We facilitate adoption of practices and architectures that are focused on business needs and business processes. The OGC’s ITIL® framework gives a sound basis for achieving this once management tools and interfaces evolve to support them.

The “big picture” of how all of these areas and processes together provide “end-to-end” service management is illustrated in following figure.