Business  Analysis is the discipline of identifying business requirements and creating or  providing solutions to cater to those business requirements. The Business Analyst position is uniquely  placed in an organization to provide a strong link between the Business  Community and Information Technology (IT) departments. The role of an IT  Business Analyst is central and pivotal in enabling project performance and has  been gaining momentum in the recent times due to the increased rate of project  failures, primarily due to improper Business Analysis.

A  Business Analyst has a critical role throughout the project life cycle.  Virtually, he is the client within the IT team, who reviews the project  deliverables that are related to requirements, solution design and testing, to  ensure business needs are addressed.

Business  Analysts today are also involved in the development of project plans and often  provide project management skills, when these skills are not available in other  project participants. The role of a Business Analyst has moved beyond  traditional “Requirements Management” and companies across the globe need to  quickly create workforce trained and certified on the requisite Business  Analysis skills to cater to future demand.

How QAI can help?

QAI’s  Business Analysis practice comprises of a portfolio of Training and  International Certification offerings to help companies and projects to  efficiently manage requirements and integrate the best practices of Business  Analysis in projects.

The  Business Analysis trainings aim to provide an in-depth understanding of the  Business Analyst’s role and also train individuals on the core Business  Analysis skills and the two certifications – Certified Associate Business  Analyst (CABA) and Certified Software Business Analyst (CSBA) – assess an  individual’s competency on skill categories spread across Requirements,  Business Skills and Information Technology.

QAI’s  Business Analysis Training programs have been created by QAI’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with years of industry and training experience in disciplines of Project Management, Software Quality and Process Improvement.

QAI’s  Certifications in Software Business Analysis aim to help candidates effectively bridge the knowledge and language gap between the business and IT communities.

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