QAI Global Services provides performance and process benchmarking services for ITES-BPOs and service centers. The typical processes that companies require this for include:

Customer Related Processes

  • Inbound customer care, technical support, outbound contact management, sales, and collections - credit recovery.
Non-voice processes

  • Payroll administration, employee benefits, taxes, HR management, risk management, processing claims, and non-electronic transactions,
  • Email management, web queries management, web chats, and automated transactions,
  • Order processing, fulfillment, and processing returns,
  • Invoice processing, forms processing, and document processing.
Support Processes

  • Training, recruitment, and hiring,
  • Workforce management,
  • Forecast, staffing and scheduling, and real time management,
  • Transaction monitoring and quality control – Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Check (QC),
  • Telecommunications, information systems, and internal helpdesk.
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Fast Facts
  • Trained over 4000+ people on Lean Six sigma Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, Lean Black Belt and Lean Green Belt across industry sectors.
  • QAI's Six Sigma coaches have cumulatively led / mentored over 2500+ successful Six Sigma projects at leading organisations
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