QAI provides a full range of Agile skill development trainings for individuals, project teams and organizations to successfully adopt Agile Methodology. QAI offers Scrum Alliance & PMI certifications and also offers both customized corporate workshops as well as public workshops to meet the specific needs of the project teams to accelerate skill enhancement. For Further details QAI AGILE

Competency Development
These trainings focus across different sections of the team namely; Beginners: (Foundation Level), Agile Practitioners: (Advanced Level) and Leadership Level: (Socializing Agile). Read More

Pilot Agility
One of the key factors which influences the success of Agile adoption is the set of learning derived by applying Agile to a set of pilot projects. Pilot agility will provide an opportunity to try Agile to evaluate whether it will work and what practices bring maximum value to the business and organization. Read More

Assess Agility
Agility Evaluation from QAI helps IT organizations to assess the status of existing Agile practices, evaluate the extent of their “Agility” and maturity of agile practices across the organization and develop strategies to extend the benefits of Agile-based methodologies across the enterprise. Read More

Agile Transformation
QAI being pioneer in bringing change at organization level for process improvement initiative – Enterprise Agility service Offering addresses basic needs of bringing changes in the management style, Focus driven approach through development of Agile COE’s, building effective surround infrastructure and systems for sharing learning’s and broad basing agile transformation across the enterprise. Read More

Custom Solutions
QAI’s customized solution of co-existence of Agile and CMMI provides a structured approach on how Co-existence/Compatibility of Agile Methodology and CMMI framework can be achieved by the organizations and how one can use CMMI concepts for broad basing the agile adoption across the organization and reap the benefits of agile methodology implementation. Read More