In today’s competitive world, to gain an edge over others, most of the organizations are focusing on developing their core competencies and thus sub-contracting the non-core functions to other organizations. Acquisition of services and products to meet end-customer goals is in most cases, challenging. It is more challenging than developing the product/service on your own, as the acquirers must take overall accountability for satisfying the end user of the required capability, while allowing the supplier to perform the tasks necessary for developing and providing the solution.

Many of the failed projects point to a combination of vendor inability to provide right products and also acquirer’s inability to manage the overall project in an effective manner.

In order to help the acquirers in improving their operational efficiencies, by leveraging suppliers’ capabilities, to deliver quality solutions rapidly, at lower cost and with the most appropriate technology, QAI provides a whole gamut of offerings ranging from training, consulting to appraisal and certifications. To help organizations improve their processes and people, in order to derive more value from acquisition and thereby serving the end customer in a better way.

What are the scenarios where CMMI®-ACQ can apply?

Just like suppliers can rely on CMMI®-DEV for improving all their project management and engineering needs, the acquirers can rely on CMMI®-ACQ to do their job well and ensure that their suppliers work in tandem with them.


Key Challenges

  • Difficultly in selecting the right vendor/supplier
  • Difficulty in managing the vendor, how much monitoring is required
  • Gathering correct set of requirements
  • Setting and managing SLA compliance
  • Lack of visibility in vendor’s job
  • Surprises (and at times shocks) at the end of the project
  • Managing schedule overruns, cost overruns, quality of deliverable
  • Soliciting information from various vendors
  • Ensuring that acquirer and suppliers processes are really talking to each other
  • Measuring overall performance of the projects

How can QAI Help

QAI offers a wide range of training, consulting and appraisal services for the acquirers. The offerings include:

  • Consulting, Training and Appraisal services based on the SEI’s CMMI®-ACQ model
  • Consulting, Training and Appraisal services for developing work force competencies based on the SEI’s People CMM® model
  • Consulting, Training & Certification services on Six Sigma and Lean framework
  • Consulting & Training services on Innovation